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History of the Department

Responding to the social demand of economy, information, and communication in Taiwan, the Department was established in the Tainan Campus in 2005 and was reallocated to the Taipei Campus for continual development.

Combining with more academic and corporal resources from inside and outside the Taipei Campus, we aim at cultivating talents in sports information & communication with both humanistic quality and professional know-how. We are the first Department of tertiary education that integrates the learning for the fields of sports, information, and communication in Taiwan. The Department is under the College of Tourism, Leisure and Sports, Aletheia University (hereinafter, the “CTLS”).

Established in 2005, CTLS was an innovative department among the comprehensive universities across Taiwan. The establishment of the CTLS aims at cultivating talents for sports and leisure operation and management, providing services to the society, and stimulating new ideas for spots. Due to the booming development of sports information and communication industry in Taiwan, insufficient talents for sports information and communication industry become an inevitable trend.

The establishment of the Department of Sports Information & Communication (“DSIC”) possesses the prescience to the market. The Department cultivates talents for sports information and communication. Combining professional know-how regarding sports, information, and communication with the faith, modesty, humanity, and pleasantry of Aletheia University as our foundation, we pass on the education of morals and knowledge, cultivating talents for sports, information and communication in Taiwan.

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